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Law 30/28-02-2006 - Law regarding rules for public health for the use of wild edible mushrooms +Liviu Nichiforel  +
Law 407/2006- Law on Hunting and wild animals protection +Liviu Nichiforel  +
Law 8/1991 +Default  +
Law nr. 46/2008 (Forest Code) +Liviu Nichiforel  +
Law on Amending the Penal Code, 1990 (Finland) +Default  +
Law on environmental protection (Serbia) +Default  +
Law on forests (Serbia) +Default  +
Law on game and hunting (Serbia) +Default  +
Law on nature conservation +Default  +
Legal framework for hunting in Slovenia +Slovenia Instrument A3 - Agent 1 Other  +
License for the collection and commercialization of pine cones of Pinus pinea (Catalonia) +Catalonia Instrument A4 - Agent 1 Land  +
Licenses for the use of pinecones and pine nuts +Valladolid Instrument A2 - Agent 1 Land  +
Local Action Groups – Axis 4 LEADER +Wales Instrument B2 - Agent 1 Public  +
MAM/1525/2005 +Default  +
MAM/510/2007 +Default  +
MAP law 41-148/08 +Default  +
MYCOLOGICAL USES PLAN +Valladolid Instrument A5 - Agent 1 Land  +
MYCOLSYLVA +Valladolid Instrument B1 - Agent 1 Land  +
Management resin use Plans +Valladolid Instrument A3 - Agent 1 Land  +
Measures concerning the apiculture sector; Council Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 +Germany Instrument A3 - Agent 1 Land  +
Mining Act, 2011 (Finland) +Default  +
Ministerial Order 410/11.04.2008 - Procedures of the collecting, purchasing and trading wild fauna and flora species +Liviu Nichiforel  +
Modernization and Qualification of Forest Companies +Alentejo Instrument A3 - Agent 1 Pickers  +
Multifunctional Management for Forest Stands +Alentejo Instrument A2 - Agent 1 Landowners  +
Mushroom Law 352/93 (Italy) +Default  +
Mushroom picking license +Italy Instrument A2 - Agent 1 Land  +
Mushroom regulation in Forest Act +Styria Instrument A2 - Agent 1 Land  +
National Act for nature and landcape conservation (Bundesnaturschutzgesetz) +Waldmärker (FVL)  +
National Forest Act 1975 (Bundeswaldgesetz) +Waldmärker (FVL)  +
National Forest Strategy (2006, Portugal) +Pedro Ochôa Carvalho  +
National Hunting Law 157/92 (Italy) +Default  +
National Plan for Forest Protection against fires (PNDFCI). +Pedro Ochôa Carvalho  +
Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 +Default  +
Nature conservation act, 1996 (Finland) +Default  +
Nature conservation decree, 1997 (Finland) +Default  +
Niedersächsisches Gesetz über den Wald und die Landschaftsordnung NWaldLG +Waldmärker (FVL)  +
Niedersächsisches Jagdgesetz NJagdG +Waldmärker (FVL)  +
Non-timber forest products (NTFP) survey sub-sector analysis (SSA) in Montenegro +Slovenia Instrument B2 - Agent 1 Other  +
ORDER AYG/1066/2011 +Default  +
Operation Technical Regulations +Default  +
Order AAM/254/2012, of 31st of August, of approval of the Mushroom Harvesting Plan in the area of Poblet, Catalunya +Catalonia  +
Order LCAT 1994\462 of 9th of August 1994 that modifies the ordinance of 15th of July 1991 (LCAT 1991\315), of regulation of the truffle sector +Catalonia  +
Order MAH/328/2005 13th of July that modifies the Order from 15th of July 1991, about regulation of the truffle sector. Published in the DOGC, number 4433, 25/07/2005. +Catalonia  +
Order MAH/328/2005 13th of July that modifies the Ordinance from 15th of July 1991, about regulation of the truffle sector. Published in the DOGC, number 4433, 25/07/2005 +Catalonia  +
Order SCO/190/2004 of 28th of January that publishes the relation between plants and mushrooms that remain forbidden to selling, depending on its toxicity +Catalonia  +
Order SCO/3303/2006, of 23rd of Octuber that forbids strictly the trade of mushroom Tricholoma equestre +Catalonia  +
Order from 15th of July 1991, about regulation of the truffle sector +Catalonia  +
Pests Act 1954 (UK) +Default  +
Pilot Plan regulating the harvesting of mushrooms in the area of Poblet +Catalonia Instrument A3 - Agent 1 Land  +
Plans for mycological use. +Valladolid Instrument A1 - Agent 1 Land  +
Plant Health Act 1967 (UK) +Default  +
Produs in Bucovina / Made in Bucovina +Suceava Instrument A4 - Agent 4 Processor  +
Program on fostering of competitiveness and internationalization of Serbian economy +Serbia Instrument A2 - Agent 1 Processors  +
Programme for rehabilitation of cork Oak and Holm Oak "Montados" +Pedro Ochôa Carvalho  +
Promoting traditional collection and use of wild plants to reduce social and economic disparities in Central Europe +Slovenia Instrument B3 - Agent 1 Pickers  +
Public Order Act, 2003 (Finland) +Default  +
Public tender for co-financing sustainable game management +Slovenia Instrument A4 - Agent 1 Land  +
Quality label for medicinal and aromatic plan +Italy Instrument A5 - Agent 1 Land  +
REGULATION (CE) No 629/2008 (02/07/2008) amending Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs +Catalonia  +
Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs. +Catalonia  +
Regulation of Municipal Plans of Forest Protection against fires (PMDCI) +Pedro Ochôa Carvalho  +
Rescue Act, 2011 (Finland) +Default  +
Research centres as an example of innovation centres : the case of the Catalan Cork Institute +Catalonia Instrument B1 - Agent 1 Public  +
Royal Decree 30/2009 of 16th of January on sanitary conditions for the trade of mushrooms for alimentation use +Catalonia  +
Rule governing the collection of mushrooms +Default  +
Rulebook on declaration and protection of protected and strictly protected species of plants, animals and fungi (Serbia) +Default  +
Rulebook on the transboundary movement and trade in protected species (Serbia) +Default  +
Rules on the protection of forests, 2000 (Slovenia) +Section I Q(1-41)  +
Ruling on Forestry Intervention Areas (ZIF) +Pedro Ochôa Carvalho  +
Scots Common Law +Default  +
Second Amendments to Decree-Law No. 124/2006 on National Forest Protection System +Pedro Ochôa Carvalho  +
Second Mushroom Law 376/95 (Italy) +Default  +
Slovenian honey with protected geographical indication (SHPGI) +Slovenia Instrument A1 - Agent 1 Pickers  +
Spanish Civil Code +Catalonia  +
Spanish Forestry Law +Catalonia  +
Styrian hunting law +Styria Instrument A1 - Agent 1 Land  +
Subsidies for sustainable forest management in public forests +Catalonia Instrument A5 - Agent 1 Land  +
Suceava University MSc in Forest management +Suceava Instrument B2 - Agent 2 Other semi  +
Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme +Wales Instrument B3 - Agent 1 Others  +
Support for creating new techologies and products +Latvia Instrument B1 - Agent  +
Südtirol Hunting Law 141/87 +Default  +
Südtirol NWFP Harvesting Law 6/10 +Default  +
Territorial Surveillance Act, 2000 (Finland) +Default  +
The Arctic Flavours Association (Finland) +North Karelia Instrument B2 - Agent 1  +
The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 +Default  +
The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 +Default  +
The Constitution of Finland, 1999 (Finland) +Default  +
The Criminal Code, 1889 (Finland) +Default  +
The Deer Initiative +Wales Instrument A1 - Agent 1 Landowners CLA  +
The Hunting Act, 1993 (Finland) +Default  +
The National Parks Law No: 2873 (09/8/1983, amended …) +Default  +
The Private Roads Act, 1962 (Finland) +Default  +
The Spanish Constitution +Catalonia  +
The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) +North Karelia Instrument B3 - Agent 1  +
The Waste Act, 2011 (Finland) +Default  +
The Water Act, 2011 (Finland) +Default  +
The Water Traffic Act, 1996 (Finland) +Default  +
Theft Act 1968 +Default  +
Torggelen (chestnut-wine touristic package) +Italy Instrument A3 - Agent 1 Land  +
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