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Rulebook on the transboundary movement and trade in protected species (Serbia)


Rulebook on the transboundary movement and trade of protected species (2009) prescribe the conditions under which the import, export or transit and trade of endangered and protected species can be performed. Also, it regulates issuing of permits and defines documents to be submitted with the application for the permit, content and appearance of the permit; lists of species, their parts and derivatives that are subject of licensing, etc. Ministry keeps records of cross-border trade of protected species (the importer / exporter, country with which trade was carried out, the number, amount and type of species…).

Full reference
Rulebook on the transboundary movement and trade in protected species, Official gazette of the Republic of Serbia 99/2009

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Year 2009
Policy area Biodiversity and endangered species policies
Affected activity Marketing/trade, Harvesting/Production
Affected actors Processor, Retailer, Wholesaler
Products All NWFP
Subject NWFP, Nature conservation
Promoter/initiator Public
Zone South East Europe
Countries Serbia
Regions (NUTS 2) Šumadija and Western Serbia
Focus on NWFP Direct
Document category Law
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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