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Law nr. 46/2008 (Forest Code)


Art. 54: The public access in forests is allowed only on specific zones and on specific itineraries marked on this purposes. The access with cars, motorbikes or ATV is prohibited, except for recreational and tourism activities that can be practiced with the landowner agreement only.

Art 53(7) Bees are allowed in public forests, free of charge, but with the forest authorities approval, during the aestival time.

Art. 58(7)The forest products belong to the landowner or landholder, with the exception of the hunting species and of fish from mountain rivers. (5) The withdrawal and/or the trade of the NWFPs are subject to the authorisations, approvals and estimation acts delivered by the forest districts according to their territorial competences and to the technical norms approved by the Ministry.

Art. 61. The withdrawal of the NWFPs is done according to the specific technical norms approved by the ministry.

Full reference
Law nr. 46/2008 (Forest Code), (Lege nr. 46/2008 - Codul Silvic al Romaniei), Published in Monitorul Oficial, Partea I, nr. 238/27.03.2008, with amendments

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