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Nature conservation act, 1996 (Finland)


The Nature Conservation Act 1096/1996

Section 9: Any action which jeopardises the conservation objectives of a site included in a nature conservation programme adopted by the Government is prohibited (restriction on action). The restriction on action shall remain in effect irrespective of appeal, unless decided otherwise by the appellate authority.

Section 10.1: The following constitute nature reserves: national parks, strict nature reserves and other nature reserves.

Section 13: Any action altering the natural surroundings is prohibited in a national park or strict nature reserve. The following is thus prohibited in these areas: 2) the extraction of sand and stone materials and minerals, and any action that damages the soil or bedrock; 3) drainage; 4) the removal or destruction of fungi, trees, bushes and other plants or parts thereof; 5) the capture, killing and disturbance of wild vertebrates, and the destruction of their nest and burrows, and the capture and collection of invertebrates; and 6) any other action which may have a detrimental impact on the natural conditions and the landscape, or on the preservation of fauna and flora. Conditions for prohibiting or restricting passage, camping, mooring and landing, and the keeping of vehicles in a nature reserve are set forth in section 18.

Section 14 Without prejudice to the provisions of section 13, any action necessary for the appropriate maintenance and use of a nature reserve is permissible in a national park or strict nature reserve, provided this does not jeopardise the purpose for which it was established. The following is thus permissible: 4) the picking of berries and mushrooms used for human consumption and other practical purposes; 5) angling and ice fishing;

Section 18 Passage off marked trails, paths and other designated areas in a strict nature reserve is allowed only with special permission from the authority or agency in charge of the site. The decision on establishing a national park or other nature reserve, or the regulations for use of said national park or nature reserve, can prohibit or restrict passage, camping, mooring and landing, and keeping a boat, ship or any other form of transport in the area. A prohibition or restriction on free passage, mooring and landing shall apply only if deemed necessary for the conservation of flora and fauna in the area. What is prescribed in paragraph 1 shall not apply to passage during tasks necessary for reindeer farming. (21.1.2011/58)

Section 20 Rules and regulations Rules and regulations shall be drafted for visitors of national parks, specifying the necessary restrictions referred to in section 18, paragraph 2. Rules and regulations can also be drafted, as necessary, for a strict nature reserve or other nature reserve. The authority or agency in charge of the site is responsible for issuing the rules and regulations of a nature reserve.

Section 36 Outdoor advertising and prohibition notices No sign prohibiting trespassing, mooring and landing or otherwise restricting free public access is to be erected on land or water in so far as there are no legal grounds for doing so.

Section 39 Protection provisions The following prohibitions apply to all specimens belonging to a protected species: 1) deliberate killing and capture; 2) appropriation, removal or deliberate destruction of eggs and other developmental stages in their life cycles; 3) deliberate disturbance of animals, particularly during breeding, in important resting places during migration, or on any other sites of significance to their life cycles. Any appropriately marked tree hosting the nest of a protected bird species and any tree hosting a large bird of prey is protected if the bird in question nests in it on a regular basis and the nest is clearly visible. It is prohibited to use means for the capture of invertebrates that are harmful in respect of nature conservation. Further provisions on prohibited means of capture are issued by a decree of the Ministry of the Environment. (553/2004)

Section 42 Protection of plant species If a wild plant species becomes endangered or its protection otherwise proves necessary, the species can be placed under a protection order by decree, either throughout the country or in a specific part thereof.

The picking, collecting, cutting, uprooting and destruction of a protected plant species or part thereof is prohibited. The same shall correspondingly apply to the seeds of any protected plant species.

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Luonnonsuojelulaki 1096/1996, 9 §, 10 §, 13 §, 14 §, 18 §, 20 §, 36 §, 39 §, 42 §

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Year 1996
Policy area Forestry, Biodiversity and endangered species policies
Affected activity
Affected actors
Products Game, Nuts, Berries, Mushrooms/truffles
Subject NWFP, Nature conservation, Access
Promoter/initiator Public
Zone North East Europe
Countries Finland
Regions (NUTS 2) North Karelia
Focus on NWFP
Document category Law
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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