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National Forest Act 1975 (Bundeswaldgesetz)


The German Federal Forest Act (1975) represents the legislative framework at the national level. The regulations of Federal Forest Act can be expanded by the Länder. The purposes of the act are: i) to conserve forests which provides economic benefits, ii) to promote forestry and iii) to reconcile a balance between the interests of the general public and those of the forest owners (Roering 2004 ).

§ 14 Access into forest (1) Access into forest is allowed for personal recreational purpose. The driving with bicycles and weelcairs also the horseriding is only allowed on steets and forest lanes. The access is on one own´s risk. Especially for wood-typical-risks.

(2) The federal States have to regulate the details. They have the right to restrict the access for important reasons, especially for forest-protection, forest management, owner interests, forest visitors protection and for prevention of heavy damages.

Full reference
National Forest Act from 2. Mai 1975 (BGBl. I S. 1037), with amendents from 31. Juli 2010 (BGBl. I S. 1050)

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