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Property for declaring what regions the policy applies to.

This is of type Page. This is a subproperty of Property:Located in.

For a list of all the places in this wiki go to Category:Places.

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Regulation of harvesting and commercialization of pine cones of Pinus pinea (Catalonia) +Catalonia  +
Regulation of production and harvesting of cork (Catalonia) +Catalonia  +
Regulations on sale of fresh mushrooms +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Rescue Act, 2011 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
Research centres as an example of innovation centres : the case of the Catalan Cork Institute +Catalonia  +
Resolution on National Forest Programme, 2007 (Slovenia) +Western Slovenia  +
Romania +North East region  +
Royal Decree 30/2009 of 16th of January on sanitary conditions for the trade of mushrooms for alimentation use +Catalonia  +
Rule governing the collection of mushrooms +Castile and León  +
Rulebook on declaration and protection of protected and strictly protected species of plants, animals and fungi (Serbia) +Šumadija and Western Serbia  +
Rulebook on the transboundary movement and trade in protected species (Serbia) +Šumadija and Western Serbia  +
Rules on the protection of forests, 2000 (Slovenia) +Western Slovenia  +
Rules on the register of bee forage sources, bee forage organisation and the bee forage forecast programme, 2013 (Slovenia) +Western Slovenia  +
Ruling on Forestry Intervention Areas (ZIF) +Alentejo Region  +
SFM certification (PEFC) +Castile and León  +
Sales permits for venison trade +Eastern Scotland  +
Scots Common Law +Eastern Scotland  +
Scottish Bulb Collection code +Eastern Scotland  +
Scottish Moss Collection code +Eastern Scotland  +
Scottish Quality Wild Venison +Eastern Scotland  +
Scottish Wild Mushrooms code +Eastern Scotland  +
Second Amendments to Decree-Law No. 124/2006 on National Forest Protection System +Alentejo Region  +
Second Mushroom Law 376/95 (Italy) +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Serbia +Šumadija and Western Serbia  +
Slovenia +Western Slovenia  +
Slovenian honey with protected geographical indication (SHPGI) +Western Slovenia  +
Spain +Catalonia  +, Castile and León  +
Spanish Civil Code +Catalonia  +
Spanish Forestry Law +Catalonia  +
Specific business qualification document for trading pinecones and pine nuts +Castile and León  +
State of Finland forest 2012, based on the Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management, 2012 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
Stock pinecone forest producers of blackpine +Castile and León  +
Styrian Hunting Act (1986) +Styria  +
Styrian hunting law +Styria  +
Subsidies for SFM +Catalonia  +
Subsidies for sustainable forest management in public forests +Catalonia  +
Subsidies for the installation of bee hives, for the purchase of extraction equipment, and support measures for carrying out analysis of honey +Lower Saxony  +
Suceava University MSc in Forest management +North East region  +
Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme +West Wales and The Valleys  +
Support for HACCAP certification +Šumadija and Western Serbia  +
Support for creating new techologies and products +Latvia  +
Südtirol Hunting Law 141/87 +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Südtirol NWFP Harvesting Law 6/10 +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Tax exemption +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Tax exemption for selling for any NWFP (and agricultural products) producers/harvester earning less than 7700€/year +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Tax exemption for selling honey or bees +Lower Saxony  +
Tax free income (Finland) +North Karelia  +
Territorial Surveillance Act, 2000 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The Action Plan for the Forest Sector in a Green Economy, 2013 +North Karelia  +
The Arctic Flavours Association (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 +West Wales and The Valleys  +
The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 +West Wales and The Valleys  +
The Constitution of Finland, 1999 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The Criminal Code, 1889 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The Deer Initiative +West Wales and The Valleys  +
The Hunting Act, 1993 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The National Parks Law No: 2873 (09/8/1983, amended …) +Bursa Subregion  +
The Private Roads Act, 1962 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The Spanish Constitution +Catalonia  +
The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, 1992 +North Karelia  +
The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) +North Karelia  +
The Waste Act, 2011 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The Water Act, 2011 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
The Water Traffic Act, 1996 (Finland) +North Karelia  +
Theft Act 1968 +West Wales and The Valleys  +
Torggelen (chestnut-wine touristic package) +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Traceability of pinecones and pine nuts +Castile and León  +
Training of beekeepers on different aspects +Lower Saxony  +
Trentino Forest Law 11/07 +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Trentino Hunting Law 24/91 +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Trentino Mushroom Law 16/91 +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Trentino NWFP Law 23-25/09 +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 +Eastern Scotland  +
Truffle law 752/85 +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Truffle regulation +Catalonia  +
Turkey +Bursa Subregion  +
UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) +West Wales and The Valleys  +
United Kingdom +Eastern Scotland  +, Scotland  +, Wales  +,
VAT reimbursement +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
VAT reimbursement for NWFP producers +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Wild Game Meat (Hygiene and Inspection) Regulations 1995 +Eastern Scotland  +
Wild Venison Standard +Eastern Scotland  +
Wild game and hunting act, 2004 (Slovenia) +Western Slovenia  +
Wild game damage compensations +Trentino-South Tyrol  +
Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 +Eastern Scotland  +
Woodlands and You +West Wales and The Valleys  +
Working Woods Label +Eastern Scotland  +
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