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Resolution on National Forest Programme, 2007 (Slovenia)


National Forest Programme (NGP) is a fundamental strategic document aimed at establishing a national policy for sustainable development of forest management. The main principles of NGP are directed to the preservation of forests and the provision of multi-functional role that includes environmental, social and economic aspects. Based on the current situation and set goals contained in the long-term vision of management, in addition to development policies narrower forestry sector also defines relationships in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation, economic sectors related to wood processing and any others that are of interest related to forests and forest area.

National forest program also implies the implementation of the Environmental Action Programme at national level, which identifies four priorities: climate change, nature and biodiversity, environment and health and quality of life, natural resources and waste. The thematic strategy on the sustainable use and management of natural resources also represents a starting point for the National Forest Programme, which is based on regional characteristics and the ecosystem approach.

The basic reason or purpose of the National Forest Programme is coordination with other national policies and international commitments and thereby gives an important contribution to the sector’s sustainable development strategy in the country. Expectations of the society and forest owners are growing, so the coordination of multi- purpose use of forests is becoming more delicate.

The preparation of the National Forest Programme is dictated by developments in both domestic and international environment.

Among the reasons within the Republic of Slovenia, the following elements are important:

  • Realization of tasks from the current Forest Development Programme in the Republic of Slovenia and the emergence of new and current tasks;
  • The inclusion of the Republic of Slovenia into the European Union, with the adaptations of legislation;
  • Changes of the environmental protection and nature conservation legislation;
  • The development of society and, accordingly, the regulations of provisions on the rights and obligations arising from the property, and public participation in the management of goods of public interest.

The most important international reasons are as follows:

  • With resolution no. 1 of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, which was in 2003 in Vienna, the National Forest Programme is defined as a broad decision-making process of all interested partners in the field of forestry policy and strategic documents dealing with forests;
  • National Forest Programme ensures the implementation of the commitments of sustainable management and environmental importance of forests by the Republic of Slovenia adopted at global and regional levels.

Related to NWFP, the Programme mentions the legal acts in the area of NWFP, focusing on mushrooms more or less. It highlights the fact that introduction of the max daily amount that can be harvested decreased the number of companies, which are registered for purchase of mushrooms.

It also states that low level of innovation in marketing (also) NWFP decreases the economic performance of the forestry sector and also offers solutions:

  • forest management plans need to include guidelines and possible restrictions related to NWFP,
  • harvesting practices need to be regulated,
  • added value of NWFP needs to be achieved by additional processing of NWFP,
  • regulation on protection of fungi (also the list of endangered species) needs to be updated.

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Full reference
Resolucija o nacionalnem gozdnem programu (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos 111/2007 (EVA 2007-2311-0054; SOP 2007-01-5510)

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Forest act, 1993 (Slovenia) (1993)
• Wild game and hunting act, 2004 (Slovenia) (2004)
• The Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (2003)

Year 2007
Policy area Forestry, Biodiversity and endangered species policies, Agriculture and Rural Development
Affected activity Harvesting/Production, Use/consumption, Marketing/trade, Innovation/R&D, SME
Affected actors Landowner/land manager, Producer/beekeeper, SME, Wholesaler, Consumer
Products Game, Honey and Bee products, Other NWFP, Resin, Bark/cork, Foliage, Herbs/plants, Fruits, Mushrooms/truffles, Resin, Minor fauna
Subject Forests, Access, NWFP, Nature conservation, Edible NWFP
Promoter/initiator Public/private
Zone South East Europe
Countries Slovenia
Regions (NUTS 2) Western Slovenia
Focus on NWFP Indirect
Document category Programme
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Non-binding
Geographical scope National
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