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Regulation of harvesting and commercialization of pine cones of Pinus pinea (Catalonia)


Relevant regulation

Order of 18th of July 1991 that regulates the sector of harvesting and commercialization of pine cones of Pinus pinea. Link: http://portaljuridic.gencat.cat/ca/pjur_ocults/pjur_resultats_fitxa/?action=fitxa&documentId=64058&language=ca_ES&searchId=5315764&mode=single

Article 2 establishes the requirement to be in possession of a license for the collection of pine cones of Pinus pinea. Such license is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Catalonia. In addition to the license, the picker is required to seek a written permission from the landowner on whose territory collection is going to take place. Article 2.4 establishes the modalities of the license (individual license and collective license).

Article 3 establishes the picking season of pine cones (modified by the Order of 05th of July 1995). Article 4 regulates the process of harvesting. Article 6 establishes that pine cones can only be sold by authorized harvesters. Article 7 establishes the obligation of buyers to keep a registry of purchase.

Link to the Order of 5th of July 1995 (that modifies Article 3 of Order of 1991): http://portaljuridic.gencat.cat/ca/pjur_ocults/pjur_resultats_fitxa/?action=fitxa&documentId=111564&language=ca_ES&searchId=5315764&mode=single

Refers to Article 49 of the Catalan Forest Law 6/1988 of 30th of March, that establishes the possibility to introduce a license for the exploitation of certain forest products.

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License for the collection and commercialization of pine cones of Pinus pinea (Catalonia) (1991)

Year 1991
Policy area Forestry
Affected activity Marketing/trade, Harvesting/Production
Affected actors Landowner/land manager, Picker/harvester/hunter, Processor, Retailer
Products Nuts
Subject NWFP
Promoter/initiator Public
Zone South West Europe
Countries Spain
Regions (NUTS 2) Catalonia
Focus on NWFP Direct
Document category Law
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope Regional
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