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Lower case property for name of the policy. This exist for query purposes. No need to assign this individually for policies if template is used. Type text.

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Hunting licences and hunting permits +Hunting_licences_and_hunting_permits  +
Hunting license (Catalonia) +Hunting_license_.28Catalonia.29  +
Hunting licenses +Hunting_licenses  +
Hunting licenses and permits +Hunting_licenses_and_permits  +
Improvement of stand productivity +Improvement_of_stand_productivity  +
Income earned from mushroom and berry sales is tax-free +Income_earned_from_mushroom_and_berry_sales_is_tax-free  +
Informal agreements between FO and collectors +Informal_agreements_between_FO_and_collectors  +
Innovation center Roznov +Innovation_center_Roznov  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Baixo Sorraia” +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CBaixo_Sorraia.E2.80.9D  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Charneca da Calha do Grou” +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CCharneca_da_Calha_do_Grou.E2.80.9D  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Chouto e Parreira” +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CChouto_e_Parreira.E2.80.9D  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Divor” +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CDivor.E2.80.9D  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Marvão” +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CMarv.C3.A3o.E2.80.9D  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Ribeiras da Lamarosa e Magos e da Charneca de Muge” +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CRibeiras_da_Lamarosa_e_Magos_e_da_Charneca_de_Muge.E2.80.9D  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “São Bartolomeu da Serra”. +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CS.C3.A3o_Bartolomeu_da_Serra.E2.80.9D.  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Ulme e Vale de Cavalos” +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CUlme_e_Vale_de_Cavalos.E2.80.9D  +
Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Viso e Anexas”. +Institution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CViso_e_Anexas.E2.80.9D.C2.80.C2.9D.  +
Institution of the forestry intervention area (ZIF) “Chamusca, Pinheiro Grande e Carregueira”. +Institution_of_the_forestry_intervention_area_.28ZIF.29_.E2.80.9CChamusca.2C_Pinheiro_Grande_e_Carregueira.E2.80.9D.  +
Intellectual property rights +Intellectual_property_rights  +
International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) +International_Plant_Protection_Convention_.28IPPC.29  +
Inventory, planning, production and marketing principles for NWFP, rescript (working guidelines/by-laws) No: 297 (2013) +Inventory.2C_planning.2C_production_and_marketing_principles_for_NWFP.2C_rescript_.28working_guidelines.2Fby-laws.29_No:_297_.282013.29  +
Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 +Land_Reform_Act  +
Land concession for mushroom picking +Land_concession_for_mushroom_picking  +
Land use and building act, 1999 (Finland) +Land_use_and_building_act.2C_1999_.28Finland.29  +
Latvian Forest Act +Latvian_Forest_Act  +
Latvian Hunting Act +Latvian_Hunting_Act  +
Law 3/2009 +Law_3.2F2009  +
Law 30/2006 +Law_30.2F2006  +
Law 30/28-02-2006 - Law regarding rules for public health for the use of wild edible mushrooms +Law_30.2F28-02-2006_-_Law_regarding_rules_for_public_health_for_the_use_of_wild_edible_mushrooms  +
Law 407/2006- Law on Hunting and wild animals protection +Law_407.2F2006-_Law_on_Hunting_and_wild_animals_protection  +
Law 752/1985 (Italy) +Law_752.2F1985_.28Italy.29  +
Law 8/1991 +Law_8.2F1991  +
Law nr. 46/2008 (Forest Code) +Law_nr._46.2F2008_.28Forest_Code.29  +
Law on Amending the Penal Code, 1990 (Finland) +Law_on_Amending_the_Penal_Code.2C_1990_.28Finland.29  +
Law on Forest and mountain areas +Law_on_Forest_and_mountain_areas  +
Law on environmental protection (Serbia) +Law_on_environmental_protection_.28Serbia.29  +
Law on forests (Serbia) +Law_on_forests_.28Serbia.29  +
Law on game and hunting (Serbia) +Law_on_game_and_hunting_.28Serbia.29  +
Law on nature conservation +Law_on_nature_conservation  +
Law on nature protection (Serbia) +Law_on_nature_protection_.28Serbia.29  +
Law on protected areas +Law_on_protected_areas  +
Legal framework for hunting in Slovenia +Legal_framework_for_hunting_in_Slovenia  +
License for the collection and commercialization of pine cones of Pinus pinea (Catalonia) +License_for_the_collection_and_commercialization_of_pine_cones_of_Pinus_pinea_.28Catalonia.29  +
Licenses for the use of pinecones and pine nuts +Licenses_for_the_use_of_pinecones_and_pine_nuts  +
Local Action Groups – Axis 4 LEADER +Local_Action_Groups_.E2.80.93_Axis_4_LEADER  +
Lowland Deer Network +Lowland_Deer_Network  +
MAM/1525/2005 +MAM.2F1525.2F2005  +
MAM/510/2007 +MAM.2F510.2F2007  +
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