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Law on Forest and mountain areas


The Law on Forest and mountain areas (1923) (R.D.L. n. 3267/1923, law Serpieri) still regulates those aspects not treated by the delegation of competences to the Regions (by modification of the V title of the Italian Constitution, by D.lgs 227/2001, by D.lgs 42/2004, and by regional forest legislation). The Law disciplines the property rights on forest land, trying to conciliate, for the first time, the productive functions, the social function and the hydrogeological service.

Year 1923
Policy area
Affected activity
Affected actors
Subject Forests
Promoter/initiator Public
Countries Italy
Regions (NUTS 2)
Focus on NWFP
Document category Law
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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