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Inventory, planning, production and marketing principles for NWFP, rescript (working guidelines/by-laws) No: 297 (2013)


Article 5 – (1)

Any production of NWFP based on floral, faunal or mychorizal or utilization from services preferred from forests are subject to plans (forest management plans or harvest plans). Study area is the forest planning unit.

Article 7 – General bases in harvesting of NWFP Management or harvesting plans for NWFP should be prepared based on article 37, 40 and the provisional clause 12 of Forest Law 6831.

Harvesting of NWFP can be analysed in two main parts: a-Products with required annual production plans b-Products without annual production plans

Article 18-30 accommodates general information, harvest methods and the basis of sales of some products in annual plans such as resin, sweetgum oil and tender.

Article 31- Provides principles for harvesting, transporting and selling of any products without annual production plans.

Although picking of any NWF products from state forest is forbidden by forest laws, there is not clear restriction on the personal use of NWFP from the state forests.

Commercial harvesting of NWFP, except for those whose annual production plan is required, is allowed by cooperatives, villagers or individuals with a specified paper for permit. This permit is accompanied with a protocol between the representative of state forest and the producers/picker, stating the amount, place and timing of the product in the permit.

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Inventory, planning, production and marketing principles for NWFP, rescript (working guidelines/by-laws) No: 297 (2013) [TR: ODUN DI?I ORMAN ÜRÜNLER?N?N ENVANTER VE PLANLAMASI ?LE ÜRET?M ve SATI? ESASLARI TEBL?? NO: 297]

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