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Lower case property for name of the policy. This exist for query purposes. No need to assign this individually for policies if template is used. Type text.

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Europe 2020 +Europe_2020  +
Everymans' rights (Finland) +Everymans.27_rights_.28Finland.29  +
Export permits +Export_permits  +
FSC and PEFC certification +FSC_and_PEFC_certification  +
FSC certification scheme +FSC_certification_scheme  +
FYM/133/2012 +FYM.2F133.2F2012  +
FYM/744/2012 +FYM.2F744.2F2012  +
Federal Hunting Act Lower Saxony +Federal_Hunting_Act_Lower_Saxony  +
Federal State Hunting Act of Lower Saxony +Federal_State_Hunting_Act_of_Lower_Saxony  +
Financial incentives for beekeeper's infrastructure and equipment +Financial_incentives_for_beekeeper.27s_infrastructure_and_equipment  +
Fiscal Law on Truffle Commercialization C. 41/05 (Italy) +Fiscal_Law_on_Truffle_Commercialization_C._41.2F05  +
Fishing Act, 1982 (Finland) +Fishing_Act.2C_1982_.28Finland.29  +
Food Act, 2006 (Finland) +Food_Act.2C_2006_.28Finland.29  +
Food Development Cluster of Finland (Finland) +Food_Development_Cluster_of_Finland_.28Finland.29  +
Food Technology Centres +Food_Technology_Centres  +
Forest Act, 1996 (Finland) +Forest_Act.2C_1996_.28Finland.29  +
Forest Act: harvesting regulations (Austria) +Forest_Act:_harvesting_regulations  +
Forest Certification (Forest Management and Chain of custody) +Forest_Certification_.28Forest_Management_and_Chain_of_custody.29  +
Forest Framework Law +Forest_Framework_Law  +
Forest Law (2012, 2014): harvesting regulations +Forest_Law_.282012.2C_2014.29:_harvesting_regulations  +
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