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Food Development Cluster of Finland (Finland)


Brief description of the instrument and its modus operandi

The Food Development Cluster develops the food industry and has three strategic goals: a) Development of products, technologies and services to enhance customers' wellbeing b)Food safety and sustainability in food chain c)New concepts, new business activities and cooperation between other competence clusters

Which problem the instrument is supposed to solve?

Need to renew Finnish food industry by e.g. developing new products, technologies and services. Also natural products pay a role in that. Competition in international markets is often tough, and the required marketing investments can be significant. Gaining international visibility is challenging, particularly for SMEs.

Purpose or main objective / overall goal of the instrument?

To create new business activities within the berry industry through an integrated, export-orientated marketing strategy.

Innovation content or potential of the instrument?

To increase business activities related to wild berries.

The initiator/promoter of the instrument?

Joint public-private initiative

Which organizations are involved in the operationalization of the instrument?

Expertise Programme (OSKE) is administrated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland. Ten companies in the berry industry are participating in the project “Creating new business activities within the berry industry through an integrated, e

How the monitoring is ensured?

No monitoring on the success in marketing.

How the compliance is ensured?

No enforcement.

How is the overall performance of the instrument?

No quantitative estimates on the benefits.

Have any of the items mentioned above changed since the instrument entered into force?


Is there any qualitative or quantitative study of the impacts of the instrument?


Related to

Food Act, 2006 (Finland) (2006)

Year Started in 2007, the OSKE program ends in 2013. Continuation unclear, but new development programs related to food are under planning.
Policy area
Affected activity
Affected actors Picker/harvester/hunter, Producer/beekeeper, Processor
Products Berries
Subject Edible NWFP
Promoter/initiator Public
Zone North East Europe
Countries Finland
Regions (NUTS 2) North Karelia
Focus on NWFP Indirect
Document category
Instrument type
Legal status Non-binding
Geographical scope National
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