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Law on game and hunting (Serbia)

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The aim of the Law on game and hunting is “...to ensure the sustainable management of wildlife populations and their habitats in the manner and to the extent that permanently maintains and enhances the vitality of wildlife population, productive capacity of habitats and biodiversity, and thereby achieving the fulfilment of economic, ecological and social functions of hunting” (Art. 2).

According to the Law, everybody who has a hunting licence can hunt, and hunting can be done in private and public land, while seasons of hunting depend on species. It should be noted that private owners cannot lease their right to hunt.

The hunting requirements are the following:

  • hunting permit:
    • “The authorized person of the hunting area shall, in the prescribed form and in accordance with the plan and its act, issue a license to hunt big game in the name of the hunter or group hunt of wild boar” (Art 63, par. 1).
    • “The authorized person of the hunting area shall, in the prescribed form, in accordance with the plan and its act, issue a license to hunt small game in the name of the group leader” (Art. 63, par 2).
  • hunting licence:
    • The right to hunt game have persons with the hunting permit for the current hunting season, which meet the requirements of the regulations governing weapons and ammunition and hunting which the user issued a hunting license (Art. 60)
    • “Right to hunt has:
    1. a person who passed the hunting test in accordance with this Act;
    2. a person who has acquired a degree in middle or high school where he studied the subject from the field of wildlife;
    3. foreign hunter” (Art. 60)
    • “Hunting licence can be monthly and annual. The application for a hunting map submitted to the hunting ground.” (Art. 61).
    • “Hunting licence is issued by the Ministry” (Art. 62)

In the Law is stated that hunting grounds are run by woodland management teams under the auspices of the public enterprises „Srbijašume“ and „Vojvodinašume“ (public enterprises for management of state forests), as well as local hunting associations which are members of the Serbian Hunting Federation.

Regarding the export of the trophy and meat, by the Law is prescribed that trophies can be exported, but not game meat.

Full reference
Law on game and hunting, Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 18/10, Belgrade

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Year 2010
Policy area Forestry
Affected activity Harvesting/Production, Use/consumption
Affected actors Picker/harvester/hunter
Products Game
Subject Access, Forests, NWFP, Nature conservation
Promoter/initiator Public
Zone South East Europe
Countries Serbia
Regions (NUTS 2) Šumadija and Western Serbia
Focus on NWFP Direct
Document category Law
Instrument type regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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