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Fiscal Law on Truffle Commercialization C. 41/05 (Italy)

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Any non-professional truffle picker can sell truffle without been subjected to the VAT taxation, but just subjected to the income tax declaration. The trade limit to be included on this rights is 10,000 €/year, hence if a truffle picker sell more is obligee to pay 20% VAT taxes.

Full reference
Internal Note of the Fiscal Authority, 26 September 2005, n. 41

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Policy area Forestry
Affected activity
Affected actors
Products Mushrooms/truffles
Subject NWFP
Countries Italy
Regions (NUTS 2) Trentino-South Tyrol
Focus on NWFP
Document category
Instrument type Regulatory, Economic
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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ClassPolicy +
CountriesItaly +
EncodednameFiscal_Law_on_Truffle_Commercialization_C._41.2F05 +
Full referenceInternal Note of the Fiscal Authority, 26 September 2005, n. 41 +
Geographical scopeNational +
Instrument typeRegulatory + and Economic +
Lcnamefiscal law on truffle commercialization c. 41/05 +
Legal statusBinding +
NameFiscal Law on Truffle Commercialization C. 41/05 +
Policy areaForestry +
ProductsMushrooms/truffles +
Reference ID183 +
RegionsTrentino-South Tyrol +
Response setDefault +
SubjectNWFP +