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Forstgesetz 1975 (Forest Act 1975, Austria)


The forest act proceeds from the general legal rule that any part of the forest belongs to the land owner, this including besides of timber all other plants or animals etc. The main regulation concerning mushrooms and berries goes with the regulation in §33 of free access to everybody "for recreational purposes". It then assumes that collecting things to a minor extent goes with the recreational use, and that the owners will implicitly accept this minor recreational use as long as they do not say otherwise. They are allowed to forbid collection of NWFP and they are allowed to ask for fees, but have to announce this properly, e.g. through sign posts. There are, however, normally not allowed to fence the forest (which would go against §33).

Full reference
Bundesgesetz vom 3. Juli 1975, mit dem das Forstwesen geregelt wird (Forstgesetz 1975) StF: BGBl. Nr. 440/1975 (NR: GP XIII RV 1266 AB 1677 S. 150. BR: 1392 AB 1425 S. 344.)

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Policy area Forestry
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Products Berries, Mushrooms/truffles
Subject Forests, Access
Countries Austria
Regions (NUTS 2) Styria
Focus on NWFP
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Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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