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Forest Law No. 6831 (31/8/1956, amended 1983, 1986 and 1987)


The Forest Law is of 1956, and many amendments and changes have been followed in the following years. Forest Legislation foreseen several forest management and use rights for the stakeholders, subject to conditions.

The forest law 6831, states that 1. Any production of primary woods and specified non-wood forest products required to have annual production plan, from the forest is subject to forest management or the related production plans 2. The production and management of other non-wood products, not mentioned in the law, is only allowed with the provision/permition of state forest service in a designated areas with a defined quota over the specified time periods 3. Planning and production of yield for NWFP is primarily carried out by the state forest service yet private companies would be called to do the job as well. However, in rehabilitated areas priority is given to forest villagers and village cooperatives. 4. Production fee is a very small amount of stumpage/tariff price dictated by the state.

5. There are also differences in regulating NWPF for individual and family use versus collection for commercial use and trade. Private and public forest owners may be entitled to require special authorizations and/or issue licenses for the collection of determined non-wood forest products respectively for quantities which exceed the legally-established level of collecting rights of the public.

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