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Decree on the protection of wild fungi (Slovenia)


Decree in general set prohibitions for picking, possession, transportation, selling and trading of mushrooms protected by the decree, except under circumstances (permissions) also defined in the decree. Decree specifies how permissions for picking protected species of fungi could be obtained and which information on the picker should be provided to the ministry, dealing with natural environment.

Art. 1 defines that wild fungi in this decree are species of higher fungi from the phylum of Basidiomycota and Ascomycota that form visible regeneration structures – fruiting bodies from mycelium.

Art. 6 sets criteria under which the ministry can approve removal of protected fungi under this decree, if there are no other options and survival of those fungi will not be jeopardized, for reasons of: - protection of animal and plant species and protection of habitat types, - prevention of damages to crops, livestock, forests, fishing areas and waters and other assets, - assuring the health and security of people, - research, - education, - renewal of populations of protected fungi; additional introduction; reintroduction; artificial regeneration. Permission must include information on actors, means, spatial and temporal scope of picking, the species of fungi and allowable amount to harvest.

(Decree from 1998, art. 1-4 and 15, 16 are not valid anymore, but the rest are)

Art. 5. An individual is allowed pick no more than 2 kg of mushrooms per day and in accordance with the rules of this decree.

In addition to the amount from previous paragraph, one is allowed to pick a mushroom weighting more than 2 kg.

Art. 7 states that an individual can sell only the amount of mushrooms, that he/she himself can harvest or together with family members he/she lives with in a common household.

An individual can sell mushrooms also in places that are designated for selling food, in accordance with the rules.

Art. 8 purchaser, according to this decree, can be a natural or a legal person, who is doing business by purchasing mushrooms within his/her registered business activity (hereafter: purchaser).

Purchaser is obliged to keep records of purchased mushrooms, which holds information on species and amount of mushrooms, place and date of purchase.

Purchaser is obliged to submit a summary of those records to the Ministry of environment and spatial planning* by the 31st of December each year. The summary should contains information on species and amount of mushrooms, spot where purchase took place according to months of the year and must be equipped with a stamp of the purchaser.

  • Now Ministry of agriculture and the environment

Full reference
Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 58/2011 (Uredba o zavarovanih prosto žive?ih vrstah gliv), (Ur.l. RS št. 58/2011), Published in Uradni list RS, nr. 2723/22.07.2011 (EVA 2011-2511-0061), (In parts substitutes the Decree from 1998)

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Subject NWFP, Nature conservation, Forests
Countries Slovenia
Regions (NUTS 2) Western Slovenia
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