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Decree on prohibition for using vehicles in natural environment


Art. 1 from this 2001 act amends (additionally defines what types of driving and vehicles are affected) the art. 1 from the original 95’ act. “In natural environment on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, it is prohibited to drive, stop, park or organize driving with motorized vehicles, cycles with auxiliary engines and other transportations means, that enable movement faster than man walking, with the power of its own engine and are not meant for road-use only, and cycles.”

Full reference
Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 16/1995 (Uredba o prepovedi vožnje z vozili v naravnem okolju), (Ur.l. RS št. 16/1995), Published in Uradni list RS, nr. 800/17.03.1995 (220-11/94-2/3-8), (original act yr. 1995, amended in 1995 and 2001).

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Policy area Forestry
Affected activity
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Subject Nature conservation, Forests, Access
Countries Slovenia
Regions (NUTS 2) Western Slovenia
Focus on NWFP
Document category
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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