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Decree 485/1962


The Spanish Forest Law of 1957, developed by the present Reglulation of 1962, put the accent on the public control by statal authorities on any activity that might damage the forest. It is focussed on establishing, delimiting, and protecting public forest properties (that had been dimished or lost in the past due to the lack of effective protection against breaking, occupation, usurpation and appropriation) and guaranteeing the conservation and improvement of the forest systems.

Full reference
Decree 485/1962, of 22 February, which approves the Regulation of Forest.

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Policy area Forestry
Affected activity
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Products Game, Nuts, Berries, Bark/cork, Resin, Other NWFP, Moss, Foliage
Subject Forests
Countries Spain
Regions (NUTS 2) Castile and León
Focus on NWFP
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Instrument type Regulatory
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Geographical scope National
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