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Decree-Law No. 127/2005 Establishment of Forestry Intervention Areas (ZIF).


This Decree-Law establishes first amendments to Decree-Law No. 127/2005 on Forestry Intervention Areas (ZIF). This Decree-Law amends several articles concerning procedures for Forestry Intervention Areas. In particular it defines forest areas management requirements, as well as nex taxation regime and sanctions for non-compliance.

Source link
http://dre.pt/pdf1sdip/2005/08/150A00/45214527.pdf (in portuguese)

Full reference
Decree-Law No. 127/2005 Establishment of Forestry Intervention Areas (ZIF). Amendments: Decree-Law No. 15/2009 http://dre.pt/pdf1sdip/2009/01/00900/0025400267.pdf Decree-Law No. 10/2009 http://dre.pt/util/getpdf.asp?s=dip&serie=1&iddr=2009.27&iddip=20090326 Decree-Law No. 2/2011 https://dre.pt/util/getpdf.asp?s=dip&serie=1&iddr=2011.4&iddip=20110025 Decree-Law No. 27/2014 https://dre.pt/util/getpdf.asp?s=dip&serie=1&iddr=2014.34&iddip=20140283

Year 2005
Policy area Forestry
Affected activity Harvesting/Production
Affected actors Landowner/land manager
Products Game, Nuts, Berries, Bark/cork, Mushrooms/truffles
Subject NWFP, Nature conservation, Forests, Access
Countries Portugal
Regions (NUTS 2) Alentejo Region
Focus on NWFP
Document category
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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