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Lower case property for name of the policy. This exist for query purposes. No need to assign this individually for policies if template is used. Type text.

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Act on the Defence Forces, 2007 (Finland) +act on the defence forces, 2007 (finland)  +
Action plan for Chestnut (Turkey) +action plan for chestnut  +
Action plan for Pine cone (Turkey) +action plan for pine cone  +
Action plan for truffles (Turkey) +action plan for truffles  +
Agreements between landowners and beekeepers on beehives installation spots +agreements between landowners and beekeepers on beehives installation spots  +
Animal Welfare Act, 1996 (Finland) +animal welfare act, 1996 (finland)  +
Antiquities Act, 1963 (Finland) +antiquities act, 1963 (finland)  +
Assembly Act, 1999 (Finland) +assembly act, 1999 (finland)  +
Associations for joint marketing +associations for joint marketing  +
Associations for joint production +associations for joint production  +
Bee hive permits +bee hive permits  +
Biodiversity strategy for 2020 +biodiversity strategy for 2020  +
Birds directive +birds directive  +
Border Guard Act, 2005 (Finland) +border guard act, 2005 (finland)  +
Brand quality assurance "Mushrooms of CyL" +brand quality assurance "mushrooms of cyl"  +
COST +cost  +
Catalan Forestry Law 6/1988, 30th of March +catalan forestry law 6/1988, 30th of march  +
Certification label of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants +certification label of medicinal and aromatic plants  +
Christmas tree label of origin +christmas tree label of origin  +
Civil Code (Italy) +civil code  +
Civil Code (Law 289/2009) +civil code (law 289/2009)  +
Cluster establishment support +cluster establishment support  +
Collection permits +collection permits  +
Collection permits and quotas +collection permits and quotas  +
Collection permits for harvesting asparagus in Croatia’s state forests +collection permits for harvesting asparagus in croatia’s state forests  +
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