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Revision history of "Law 407/2006- Law on Hunting and wild animals protection"

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ClassPolicy +
CountriesRomania +
EncodednameLaw_407.2F2006-_Law_on_Hunting_and_wild_animals_protection +
Full referenceLegea Nr. 407 din 9 noiembrie 2006: Legea vân?torii ?i a protec?iei fondului cinegetic +
Geographical scopeNational +
Lcnamelaw 407/2006- law on hunting and wild animals protection +
NameLaw 407/2006- Law on Hunting and wild animals protection +
Policy areaForestry +
ProductsGame +
Reference ID175 +
RegionsNorth East region +
Response setLiviu Nichiforel +
SubjectNWFP +