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Revision history of "Institution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Chouto e Parreira”"

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Affected activityHarvesting/Production +
Affected actorsLandowner/land manager +
ClassPolicy +
CountriesPortugal +
EncodednameInstitution_of_the_Forestry_intervention_.28ZIF.29_area_.E2.80.9CChouto_e_Parreira.E2.80.9D +
Full referenceOrder No. 1493/2008 instituting the Forestry intervention area“Chouto e Parreira”. +
Geographical scopeLocal +
Lcnameinstitution of the forestry intervention (zif) area “chouto e parreira” +
NameInstitution of the Forestry intervention (ZIF) area “Chouto e Parreira” +
Policy areaForestry +
ProductsGame +, Nuts +, Berries +, Bark/cork + and Mushrooms/truffles +
Reference ID94 +
RegionsAlentejo Region +
Response setPedro Ochôa Carvalho +
Source linkhttp://dre.pt/pdf1sdip/2008/12/24500/0895408954.pdf (in portuguese) +
SubjectNWFP +, Nature conservation +, Forests + and Access +
Year2008 +