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Template:European policy

This is a template for a single policy. This template creates an outlook for a policy page.Following fields are currently available:

All fields are optional and should be omitted if no data is given. Order of the fields does not matter. Separate multiple tags with comma (,).

{{European policy
 |Name = {{Fill up}}
 |Year = {{Fill up}}
 |Policy area = {{Agriculture and Rural Development / Forestry / Food safety etc.}}
 |Affected actors = {{Forest owner/ Harvester / Producer etc.}}
 |Affected activity = {{Production / Marketing / Use etc.}}
 |Products = {{All NWFP / Edible NWFP / Mushrooms etc. }}
 |Subject = {{Fill up}}
 |Initiator = {{Fill up}}
 |Zone = {{Fill up}}
 |Countries = {{EU countries / European countries / Finland etc.}}
 |Regions = {{Regions in NUTS 2}}
 |Response set = {{Fill up}}
 |Focus = {{Fill up}}
 |Document category = {{Strategy / Action plan / Convention etc.}}
 |Instrument type = {{Regulatory / economic}}
 |Legal status  = {{Binding / Non-binding}}
 |Description = {{Fill up}}
 |Full reference = {{Fill up}}
 |Source link = {{Fill up}}
 |Scope = {{Geographical scope}}
 |Class = {{Policy / Instrument}}
 |ID = {{Unique ID for this page that can be referenced from other pages.}}

More information about the properties here.

Edit the page to see the template text.