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Decree No. 37/2007 Regulation of the Regional Forestry Plan of Alto Alentejo (PROF AA)


This Decree approves the Regional Forestry Plan of Alto Alentejo (PROF AA), to be in force for 20 years. The annexed Forestry Plan is composed of four titles divided in 55 articles and two annexes. The plan covers forests use, occupation and forestry order. In particular, it rules on protected species and defines forestry zoning criteria according to homogeneous areas. Moreover, it regulates local forestry planning activities and defines intervention measures, including defence measures against forest fires. The annexes to the Forestry Plan provide general intervention rules to be applied in forest areas and agro-forestry models.

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http://dre.pt/util/getpdf.asp?s=dip&serie=1&iddr=2007.66&iddip=20071081 (in portuguese)

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Decree No. 37/2007 regulating the Regional Forestry Plan of Alto Alentejo (PROF AA). 2007-04-03

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Countries Portugal
Regions (NUTS 2) Alentejo Region
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