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VAT reimbursement for NWFP producers


The company which produces a certain commodity as to pay a certain VAT, a a percentage of it , after a year, is returned back to the producer, according to the specific taxation regime of the commodity

Related to

VAT reimbursement (70 JL)

Year early 1970s
Policy area Forestry
Affected activity Marketing/trade
Affected actors
Products Game, Berries, Nuts, Fruits, Other NWFP, Mushrooms/truffles, Bark/cork
Subject NWFP
Promoter/initiator Public
Zone South West Europe
Countries Italy
Regions (NUTS 2) Trentino-South Tyrol
Focus on NWFP Direct
Document category Instrument
Instrument type Economic
Legal status Non-binding
Geographical scope National
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