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Trentino NWFP Law 23-25/09

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The law define property rights, access rights, limitations, payment mechanism for harvesting and fees

Full reference
President Decree of Trento Province, 26 October 2009, n. 23- 25/Leg

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Policy area Forestry
Affected activity
Affected actors
Products Nuts, Berries, Mushrooms/truffles
Subject NWFP, Nature conservation, Forests, Access
Countries Italy
Regions (NUTS 2) Trentino-South Tyrol
Focus on NWFP
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Geographical scope Local
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ClassPolicy +
CountriesItaly +
EncodednameTrentino_NWFP_Law_23-25.2F09 +
Full referencePresident Decree of Trento Province, 26 October 2009, n. 23- 25/Leg +
Geographical scopeLocal +
Lcnametrentino nwfp law 23-25/09 +
NameTrentino NWFP Law 23-25/09 +
Policy areaForestry +
ProductsNuts +, Berries + and Mushrooms/truffles +
Reference ID189 +
RegionsTrentino-South Tyrol +
Response setDefault +
SubjectNWFP +, Nature conservation +, Forests + and Access +