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The Water Act, 2011 (Finland)


Section 1:

The water in water tank, well and other water reservoir is owned by a person who owns the tank, well or reservoir. The water in spring or pond is owned by the person owning the land area. . Other waters and groundwater belongs to the one who owns the land area unless otherwise assigned. If a stream or river is on two persons land area the water in a river or stream belongs to the both of the land area owners.

Section 3: Unless otherwise assigned in law, everyone, without causing damage or disturbance, has a right to: 1) travel on water area or ice 2) anchor temporarily in a waterway 3) float logs in waterway 4) swim in waterway 5) temporarily move traps and other chattels that disturb water traffic or floating logs in waterways or to move temporarily chattels and traps that are on the immediacy of public waterways and disturb going and floating logs on waterways.

Section 4

Everyone has the right to take water or ice for personal needs from the water system temporarily. It is also allowed to take small amounts of water for personal needs from such a stream of river that is not on the constant use of the owner. Taking water cannot disturb or cause damage for the owner of the water system.

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Vesilaki 27.5.2011/587

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Year 2011
Policy area
Affected activity
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Promoter/initiator Public
Zone North East Europe
Countries Finland
Regions (NUTS 2) North Karelia
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Instrument type Regulatory
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