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The University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

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Brief description of the instrument and its modus operandi

UEF conducts the R&D related to e.g. functional and bioactive compounds of berries, picking of berries and mushrooms, variation in yield and utilisation of berries, as well as forest policies and non-wood forest products

Which problem the instrument is supposed to solve?

Scientific information on the compounds, picking, utilisation, NWFP related forest policies, etc. is scarce.

Purpose or main objective / overall goal of the instrument?

Conduct scientific research and give university level education on NWFPs.

Side objectives/goals of the instrument?

Support the NWFP-related industry.

Innovation content or potential of the instrument?

To increase the scientific knowledge of NWFPs.

Which laws and regulations support the implement of this instrument?

Finnish Universities Act

The initiator/promoter of the instrument?

Government agency

How the monitoring is ensured?

No monitoring.

How the compliance is ensured?

No enforcement.

How is the overall performance of the instrument?

No quantitative estimates on the benefits; the number of scientific articles and degrees, patents, etc. could be used.

Have any of the items mentioned above changed since the instrument entered into force?


Is there any qualitative or quantitative study of the impacts of the instrument?


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Year Since 1980s
Policy area
Affected activity
Affected actors
Products Berries
Zone North East Europe
Countries Finland
Regions (NUTS 2) North Karelia
Focus on NWFP Indirect
Document category
Instrument type
Legal status Non-binding
Geographical scope International
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