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Pilot Plan regulating the harvesting of mushrooms in the area of Poblet

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Brief description of the instrument and its modus operandi

The instrument comprises a) specific regulation for public woods of Poblet and its influence area regarding mushroom harvesting b) strategy of compensation of environmental and social externalities to the forest landowners

Which problem the instrument is supposed to solve?

Social pressure on mushroom harvesting that has been damaging the protected area (biodiversity and landscape) and lack of retribution of the forest landowners of Poblet. Source: “Proposta per l’elaboració de la normativa de regulació de recol.lecció de bolets a les forests públiques del paratge natural de Poblet i a la seva zona d’influència” Explanation: In the last 20 years, the number of mushroom pickers has highly increased for the following reasons: // Poblet is a very valued area for harvesting mushrooms // if the climate is favourable, it creates good conditions for mushrooms to grow thus a lot of mushrooms pickers (too many actually) go to Poblet // the mushroom harvesting involves damages: // The direct ones: removal of the forest covering, destruction of mycelium // The indirect ones: excessive traffic which affects to the condition of the roads and paths, the dumping of wastes, etc. // - The mushrooms have a high market price, their recollection is free in Catalonia which is unfair for the forest landowners because they don’t receive any economic compensation/remuneration when in reality their management creates environmental added value mainly for the society

Purpose or main objective / overall goal of the instrument?

To regulate the number and the practice of harvesting mushroom in the area, raise people’s awareness about the wealth but fragility of the protected area and also recognize the efforts (throughout economic retribution) in forest management of the forest landowners of Poblet.

Side objectives/goals of the instrument?

Poblet is a protected area. Thus, one of the main purposes of the regulation is the maintenance of the biodiversity (avoiding excess of pressure), and also create in the future some economic activities associated with this regulation (Mycological guides…)

Innovation content or potential of the instrument?

First initiative of regulation for mushrooms in Catalonia including license and fee. Other initiatives are under study

Which laws and regulations support the implement of this instrument?

Order AAM/254/2012, of 31st of August of approval of the Pilot Plan of recollection of mushrooms in the protected area of Poblet (PNIN) and its zone of influence, and creation of public price related to the Pilot Plan // Other regulations support this initiative: a) Law 22/1984 of 9th of November that defines the protected area of Poblet as a PNIN as part of the valley of Monestir de Poblet b) Decree 279/1988 of 21st of October of implementation of the Law 22/1984 of 9th of November that defines the protected area of Poblet as a PNIN as part of the valley of Monestir de Poblet and of creation of natural reserves partials of Titllar and Trinitat ravine c) Regulation of public use in the protected area of Poblet d) Spanish Forestry Law 43/2003 of 21st of November and law 10/2006, of 28th of April, by amending the law 43/2003 e) Catalan Forestry Law 6/1988, 30th of March f) (Regional) Decree 166/1988 of 8th of July of regulation of motorized access to natural areas

The initiator/promoter of the instrument?

Joint public-private initiative: Technical commission was designated by the board of PNIN Park to elaborate the regulation of mushroom recollection in the protected area of Poblet. It comprises (the technical commission) forest landowners (1), members of the Centre of Forest ownership (3), Foundation of Rural World (1), University of Lleida (1), the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (2), the protected area of Poblet (2), Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Food and Natural Environment (1 from Tarragona and DG)

Which organizations are involved in the operationalization of the instrument?

Both the technical commission and the committee rector of the PNIN. // The members of the technical commission were detailed above. // The committee rector is composed of: one representative of agricultural and forest landowners, Department of Agric

How the monitoring is ensured?

Mushroom harvesting license in Poblet and license for harvesting and trading pine kernels: in the case of these 2 instruments, the respective orders refer to the Catalan Forestry Law 6/1988, 30th of March. Indeed the article No (No.1, No.2 and No.3) foresee that the forest agents and agents of the authority in general (rural agent and policemen) can ask to any person exploiting mushroom and pine kernels from the forests to show them their license. In case this document is missing he or she has the right to stop the exploitation. Besides those agents are the ones that can fine in case of infractions (cf. infractions Chapter I from the Catalan Forestry Law and Chapter II about sanctions)

How the compliance is ensured?

Mushroom harvesting license in Poblet and license for harvesting and trading pine kernels: fines are applied and the amount depends on the type of infraction. In case of a slight infraction, fines are comprised between 90 and 600 € (Source: article 77 of the Catalan Forestry Law) (the amount of the fine goes to the Forestry Administration), for severe infractions between 600 and 3000€ (the amount of the fine goes to the General Director of Forest Policy) and eventually for real severe infractions between 3000 € and 30 000€ (the amount goes to the Councillor of Agriculture, Cattle breeding and Fishing).

How is the overall performance of the instrument?

Mushroom harvesting license in Poblet: // It is difficult to assess already the results and it should rather be done at the end of the 2-years trial. For the first year: 4.290 euros; 2158 permits.

Brief description of the context for the emergence of the instrument

Poblet in the example

Have any of the items mentioned above changed since the instrument entered into force?



Poblet: new payment type: day

What are the main reasons or drivers behind changes mentioned?

Poblet: there was a demand for a daily permit

Is there any qualitative or quantitative study of the impacts of the instrument?

Yes, please specify


In process: Poblet: yes but is is in process

Year 2012
Policy area
Affected activity
Affected actors Landowner/land manager, Picker/harvester/hunter
Products Mushrooms/truffles
Countries Spain
Regions (NUTS 2) Catalonia
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