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Catalan Forestry Law 6/1988, 30th of March


1. Exploitation of forests resources in general (Title IV, Chapter I, Articles 46 and 49)

Article 46.2: it details the different forest products (NWFP and WFP: food, firewood, bark, pastures, fruits, resins, herbs/aromatic plants, medicinal plants, mushrooms including truffle, bee products and all the other products typical from the forest lands. It explains that their exploitation should be done taking into account the persistence, conservation and enhancement of the forests. Articles 49.1 and 49.2: it defines the authority that is in charge of the regulation of NWFP and WFP: the Agriculture, Ranching and Fishing Department. In some cases, the exploitation of these products could require an authorization from the same competent authority: - if this exploitation puts at risk the harmony of the whole forest ecosystem or the persistence of some species - if this exploitation exceed the quantities set by the competent authority

In resume: The forest owner can make use of any product, always according to the law (sustainability) and not limiting the social use. The harvesting of wild fruits and mushrooms by a third party in a private land is possible when the forest owner provides authorisation or when it is not specifically prohibited by adequate signals. In this last case, the harvesting has to be done under the concept of “usus inocui” (harmless use). A license scheme can be put upon mushroom collection when i) the species or the ecosystem balance are at risk or ii) recollection exceeds the quantities fixed by the forestry administration.

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Catalan Forestry Law 6/1988, 30th of March

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Products Berries, Bark/cork, Mushrooms/truffles
Subject NWFP, Forests
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