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Management resin use Plans


Which problem the instrument is supposed to solve?

In recent years the sector is in a deep crisis, to the point that for most even from within the forest sector, this activity is considered a "job to remember." // Fortunately, in some counties counted, continues to develop this economic activity, which keeps as real examples of the previously mentioned benefits and allows further compare their situation with the so many other districts where it was disappearing.

Purpose or main objective / overall goal of the instrument?

The purpose of it is to provide the enormous social, environmental and economic importance of this use, but not as a historical account but to show not only the convenience of maintenance, but the real possibilities that exist to get it.

Side objectives/goals of the instrument?

Obtaining a natural and renewable raw material, with an application uses and secured by of the European chemical industry, whose extraction is almost unchanged for decades and despite it competes in a free market, in which China acts almost monopolistic f

Innovation content or potential of the instrument?

The undoubted seasonal and productive capacity of our pine forests, the existence of a forest environment perfectly organized for this use, it has proven to be compatible with each other and with the preservation and modernization of its natural values, the survival of resin producers an important traditional knowledge and the real interest shared by the entire sector (public and private owners, resin producers, distilling industry and its derivatives) are other arguments to ensure the future of the sector.

Which laws and regulations support the implement of this instrument?

None yet.

The initiator/promoter of the instrument?

Joint public-private initiative

Which organizations are involved in the operationalization of the instrument?

Junta de Castilla y León trouhgt its Forest Management Service of Castilla y León in collaboration with Cesefor (Service Center and its Forest Industry Promotion and of Castilla y León)

How the monitoring is ensured?

We have defined in this questionnaire instruments in the field of mushrooms, resin and pinecones and pine nuts. All these actions are supervised by the body ranger dependent Castilla y León, as well as the civil service SEPRONA guard, and state security bodies. Resin // Today the resin is only found in specific fire control laws. The monitoring is ensured by technical specifications documents pottering campaigns that are made annually in management plans and use of resin held in Castilla y León // In the case of the harvesting of this resource, defined by local auctions annually.

How the compliance is ensured?

In the case of NWFPs described before, compliance is ensured through the harvest limits established in licenses both recreational use and commercial use. With no body exclusively NWFPs protection nowadays, these quantities are checked by enforcement state bodies SEPRONA through special campaigns due to the seasonality of the resources. In Pinecones and pine nuts case, only licensed collectors can make the sale of pineapples industries buyers and intermediaries

How is the overall performance of the instrument?

In the case of the resin, we must say that the instruments specified in this questionnaire are pending legislation that protects and empowers this NWFP. Work in this field is currently based in the areas of Education and training , although progress is expected in the coming years . Its development is based in the community of Castilla y León.


Order FYM/744/2012; Order MAM/341/2008 ; R/R 30/2009 ; Order AYG/1815 ; Stakeholders consultation ; Junta de Castilla y León newsletter and mail consultation

Brief description of the context for the emergence of the instrument

Resin: In 2011 Junta de Castilla y León declared resin sector as a strategic employment and environmental sustainability in order to encourage the production of resin native to the heavy reliance on foreign markets and encourage forest owners, public and private for pottering its pine forests (100,000 hectares for collecting pine resin and 500 direct jobs, reference: Junta de Castilla y León 2013). // Nowadays, Castilla y León generates 95 percent of the production of Spain and has four distilleries, three in Segovia and one in Soria. In the province of Segovia is sitted the bigger secondary processing of resin, Coca Factory Union Spanish Resin.

Have any of the items mentioned above changed since the instrument entered into force?



Resin: in process

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Management resin use plans (technical sheets of resin extraction campaigns)

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