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Revision history of "Decree-Law No. 124/2006 Regulation the National Forest Protection System"

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ClassPolicy +
CountriesPortugal +
EncodednameDecree-Law_No._124.2F2006_Regulation_the_National_Forest_Protection_System +
Full referenceDecree-Law No. 124/2006 regulating the National Forest Protection System. 2006-06-28 +
Geographical scopeNational +
Lcnamedecree-law no. 124/2006 regulation the national forest protection system +
NameDecree-Law No. 124/2006 Regulation the National Forest Protection System +
Policy areaForestry +
Reference ID117 +
RegionsAlentejo Region +
Response setPedro Ochôa Carvalho +
SubjectNature conservation + and Forests +