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Affected actorsProcessor +, Wholesaler +, Retailer +, Consumer + and Producer/beekeeper +
ClassPolicy +
CountriesEuropean countries +
EncodednameSeventh_Framework_Programme +
Full referenceDecision No 1982/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 concerning the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities (2007-13) +
Geographical scopeInternational +
Lcnameseventh framework programme +
Legal statusNon-binding +
NameSeventh Framework Programme +
Policy areaResearch Programmes +
Reference ID69 +
Source linkhttp://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/energy/european_energy_policy/i23022_en.htm +
SubjectNWFP +
Year2006 +