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An agent or organization responsible for the initiation of the policy instrument.

This property is of type Text.

Allowed values

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Public/private

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Forestry Act 1967 (UK) +Public  +
Forestry Development Strategy (Serbia) +Public  +
Fostering competitiveness and internationalization of Serbian economy +Public  +
Game Animal Damages Act, 2009 (Finland) +Public  +
Government Decree amending the Nature Conservation Decree 2005 (Finland) +Public  +
Harvesting licenses +Public  +
Hunters actions for environmental restauration +Public  +
Hunting Law (2014), Hunting regulations (2003, 2004) +Public  +
Hunting law (Portugal) +Public  +
Hunting legislation +Public/private  +
Hunting licence (Finland) +Public/private  +
Hunting licences and hunting permits +Public  +
Hunting license (Catalonia) +Public  +
Hunting licenses +Public  +
Hunting licenses and permits +Public  +
Improvement of stand productivity +Public  +
Informal agreements between FO and collectors +Private  +
Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 +Public  +
Land concession for mushroom picking +Public/private  +
Land use and building act, 1999 (Finland) +Public  +
Law 752/1985 (Italy) +Public  +
Law on Amending the Penal Code, 1990 (Finland) +Public  +
Law on Forest and mountain areas +Public  +
Law on environmental protection (Serbia) +Public  +
Law on forests (Serbia) +Public  +
Law on game and hunting (Serbia) +Public  +
Law on nature protection (Serbia) +Public  +
Law on protected areas +Public  +
License for the collection and commercialization of pine cones of Pinus pinea (Catalonia) +Public  +
Licenses for the use of pinecones and pine nuts +Public  +
Local Action Groups – Axis 4 LEADER +Public  +
Lowland Deer Network +Private  +
Management resin use plans (technical sheets of resin extraction campaigns) +Public/private  +
Mining Act, 2011 (Finland) +Public  +
Modernization and Qualification of Forest Companies +Public  +
Moss/foliage harvesting permits +Private  +, Public/private  +
Multifunctional Management for Forest Stands +Public  +
Mushroom regulation in Poblet +Public/private  +
Mycological management units (MYAS RC) +Public/private  +
National Forest Programme (Romania) +Public  +
National Forest Programme, 2015 (Finland) +Public  +
Natural Resources Strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 2002 (Finland) +Public  +
Nature Conservation Act +Public  +
Nature conservation act, 1996 (Finland) +Public  +
Nature conservation decree, 1997 (Finland) +Public  +
Payments for recreational harvest activity +Public  +
Placement of bee hives on public land +Public  +
Plans for mycological use (Micodata) +Public  +
Policy and strategy for forest sector development in Romania +Public  +
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