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|Policy area=Forestry
|Policy area=Forestry

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This ordinance is made up of 10 articles.

Article 1: it defines the different types of truffles that can be found in Catalan forests: the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), the magenta truffle (Tuber brumale), the summer truffle (Tuber aestivium) and the green truffle (truffle that lacks maturation). Also it defines the fresh truffle. Article 2: it explains what steps to take to get the permit to recollect truffles and also which competent authority is in charge of delivering it. Article 3: it defines what methods are prohibited to recollect truffles and which ones are allowed (Cf. Ordinance 31st of October 1986) Article 4: it defines the season of recollecting truffles depending on the type of truffle (summer or winter) Article 5: it indicates that the landowner has the possibility to mark its terrain in order to show that he is recollecting truffles in it Article 6: it lists some recommendation about the harvesting of truffles and indicates how this pickup should be compatible with the forestry sector Article 7: it deals with the truffle pickup sector and the constitution of associations of producers Article 8: it sets the rules for trading the fresh truffle Article 9: it clearly sets out that any industry involved in the transformation or trade of truffles has to have a permit and keep a record with all the information about the trade (name of supplier, the number of the permit, etc)

Article 10: it clearly sets out that any industry that dedicates itself to the implantation of truffles growing zones will have to be registered. In the relation with the vegetal material, it says that the truffles are considered vegetal seedling material that’s why in case of legal matters the industry should check the law that regulates it.

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Order from 15th of July 1991, about regulation of the truffle sector

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