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Law on Amending the Penal Code, 1990 (Finland)

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The Penal Code 769/1990,

Chapter 28, Section 11 Criminal trespass Whoever without permission 1) takes into their possession, moves or hides any movable property belonging to another person, 2) uses another person’s yard or garden as a thoroughfare, or builds, digs or similarly exploits another person’s property, or 3) takes into their possession land, buildings or part of a building belonging to another person, shall be sentenced, unless a more severe penalty for the act is provided elsewhere in the law, for criminal trespass to a fine or to imprisonment for at most three months. Actions which only result in minor inconvenience will not, however, be considered to constitute criminal trespass.

The Penal Code 769/1990, Chapter 28, Section 14 Everyman’s right

The legal restrictions in this chapter do not apply to the collection of dry twigs and branches, cones and nuts found on the forest floor, or to the picking of wild berries, mushrooms, flowers or other naturally growing products, with the exception of mosses and lichens, on other people’s property.

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Laki rikoslain muuttamisesta 769/1990, 28. Luku 11 §, 14 §

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Everymans' rights (Finland)

Year 1990
Policy area Forestry
Affected activity
Affected actors
Subject NWFP, Access
Promoter/initiator Public
Zone North East Europe
Countries Finland
Regions (NUTS 2) North Karelia
Focus on NWFP
Document category Law
Instrument type Regulatory
Legal status Binding
Geographical scope National
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ClassPolicy +
CountriesFinland +
Document categoryLaw +
EncodednameLaw_on_Amending_the_Penal_Code.2C_1990_.28Finland.29 +
Full referenceLaki rikoslain muuttamisesta 769/1990, 28. Luku 11 §, 14 § +
Geographical scopeNational +
InitiatorPublic +
Instrument typeRegulatory +
Lcnamelaw on amending the penal code, 1990 (finland) +
Legal statusBinding +
NameLaw on Amending the Penal Code, 1990 (Finland) +
Policy areaForestry +
Reference ID145 +
RegionsNorth Karelia +
Response setDefault +
Source linkhttp://www.finlex.fi/fi/laki/alkup/1990/19900769 +
SubjectNWFP + and Access +
Year1990 +
ZoneNorth East Europe +