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Revision history of "FYM/744/2012"

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Facts about "FYM/744/2012"
ClassPolicy +
CountriesSpain +
EncodednameFYM.2F744.2F2012 +
Full referenceFYM/744/2012 Order of August 27, amending MAM/875/2011 Order of 24 June, regulating the use of closed pine cones (Pinus pinea L.), and the creation of the inventory of pinecone producers in Castilla y Leon and the section of authorized companies. +
Geographical scopeRegional +
Lcnamefym/744/2012 +
NameFYM/744/2012 +
Policy areaForestry +
ProductsNuts + and Other NWFP +
Reference ID206 +
RegionsCastile and León +
Response setDefault +
SubjectNWFP +