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Revision history of "Decree on the protection of wild fungi (Slovenia)"

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ClassPolicy +
CountriesSlovenia +
EncodednameDecree_on_the_protection_of_wild_fungi +
Full referenceOfficial Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 58/2011 (Uredba o zavarovanih prosto žive?ih vrstah gliv), (Ur.l. RS št. 58/2011), Published in Uradni list RS, nr. 2723/22.07.2011 (EVA 2011-2511-0061), (In parts substitutes the Decree from 1998) +
Geographical scopeNational +
Instrument typeRegulatory +
Lcnamedecree on the protection of wild fungi +
Legal statusBinding +
NameDecree on the protection of wild fungi +
Policy areaForestry +
ProductsMushrooms/truffles +
Reference ID180 +
RegionsWestern Slovenia +
Response setSection I Q(1-41) +
SubjectNWFP +, Nature conservation + and Forests +